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Mini Wrought Iron Blue


The warm light of the sun and the blue sky are reflected in the glass windows and the balconies of a sunny land. These earrings are a small, precious tribute to Sicily and its artistic heritage.

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The gold tiles and glass mosaics in King Roger’s Hall – the last remaining example of Sicilian profane mosaic –pay tribute to the charm of nature and the orient and symbolise the fusion between the various cultures that were present in Sicily in medieval times.

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Intelligence and mimetic skills, elasticity and strength: the octopus is one of the symbols of the Mediterranean Sea.

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To honour history and wonders of Sicily,
the Design Anthology STUPOR MUNDI, inspired by the Tower of Gioiaria
of the Royal Palace in Palermo and its magnificent mosaics.

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Unique and precious jewelry made by artisan goldsmiths.
New lines are dedicated to fashion addicts and
lovers of Sicily all around the world


Summer Days

Go shopping during Summer Days:
buying a jewel, you will receive an exclusive accessory.

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explore the new Isola Bella Gioielli’s jewelry

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Sicilian carts, wheels and “bummuli” amphorae. As well as figs, oranges and lemons.
Can one wear Sicily?

Isola Bella tells the story of the symbols and colors
of the most beautiful land on the Mediterranean Sea
with an exclusive line of jewelry made in Sicily.
The brand, founded in 2013, and inspired by Sicilian tradition
is truly a declaration of love to the Island.

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