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Its rays light up the landscape and bring out the beauty around us: the Sun produces energy and emotions.

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Wish Tree


The Wish Tree is the charm made to support LAD ONLUS, the association founded to guarantee Cure&Care to children affected by serious illnesses and their families.

Part of the proceeds from sales will be donated to support projects by the NPO like the creation of WonderLAD, a special house that is being built in Catania. Using art and creativity as tools, the objective is to help and support children by giving them the opportunity to live in a stimulating and familiar environment so that their illness does not impede their natural growth process.

Wear the charm to grant wishes and give hope!

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charm Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear


The prickly Pear is the symbol of warmth and strength: the fruit comes from a plant that is often not irrigated that can survive the toughest conditions. It is considered a valuable food for farmers, especially during wine harvesting: according to an old custom vineyard owners used to give this fruit to the harvesters to ensure that they did not eat the grapes during the harvest.

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This is a musical instrument that dates back to the period of Greek colonisation.
It is made from a leather membrane stretched over a wooden frame a few inches high with metal disks inserted into it that make a noise every time the instrument is shaken or beaten.

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To honour history and wonders of Sicily,
the Design Anthology STUPOR MUNDI, inspired by the Tower of Gioiaria
of the Royal Palace in Palermo and its magnificent mosaics.

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Unique and precious jewelry made by artisan goldsmiths.
New lines are dedicated to fashion addicts and
lovers of Sicily all around the world



explore the new Isola Bella Gioielli’s jewelry

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Sicilian carts, wheels and “bummuli” amphorae. As well as figs, oranges and lemons.
Can one wear Sicily?

Isola Bella tells the story of the symbols and colors
of the most beautiful land on the Mediterranean Sea
with an exclusive line of jewelry made in Sicily.
The brand, founded in 2013, and inspired by Sicilian tradition
is truly a declaration of love to the Island.

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