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Besides being the largest amphitheatre in the world, the Colosseum, or Flavian Amphitheatre, is the most imposing monument of ancient Rome that is still in existence today. In the 90s, UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site.

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The legend of the lupa (she-wolf) is linked to the founding of Rome. In fact, it is said that the twins, Romulus and Remus, were saved and suckled by a she-wolf after being thrown in the Tiber by Amulius.  The she-wolf was chosen as the symbol of the city.

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Starfish Sea Urchin


Fascinating creatures live at the bottom of the sea like sea urchins and starfish.
They try to camouflage themselves often by “embracing” seaweed, rocks and coral they find on the sea floor.

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Sea Urchin Shell


The sea urchin is one of the most fascinating creatures in the Mediterranean. Its internal structure which is tinged with purple and green shades make it similar to decorations on Doric capitals.

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A celebration of the colours and the history of Sicily, a collection of exclusive accessories by the Palermo-based designer Sergio Daricello, who interprets the traditions and the varied aspects of the Mediterranean in a contemporary key.

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The waves embrace the blue of the sky among the sun that caresses the suburb and the wind that disarranges the thoughts. I chose to wear my emotions, I chose all that I want to bring with me.
Here my trip begins.

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It keeps your desires, it tells your dreams,
it remembers yourself who you are
It is your new bracelet.
It is your Island.



explore the new Isola Bella Gioielli’s jewelry

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Sicilian carts, wheels and “bummuli” amphorae. As well as figs, oranges and lemons.
Can one wear Sicily?

Isola Bella tells the story of the symbols and colors
of the most beautiful land on the Mediterranean Sea
with an exclusive line of jewelry made in Sicily.
The brand, founded in 2013, and inspired by Sicilian tradition
is truly a declaration of love to the Island.

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