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Trinacria t-shirt


Among the reflections of precious stones and the typical decorations of the island, a T-shirt dedicated to the Trinacria and its wonders. A tribute to Sicily created by the Palermo designer Sergio Daricello.

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Beach Umbrella


The Beach Umbrella is the colourful symbol of summers by the sea.
It was designed to protect people from the sun in the XII century and is a vital ally to beat the heat during long days at the beach.

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Murex Snail Shell


Murex snails that live on the sandy sea bottom are found commonly in the Mediterranean Sea.
They are famous because they were used to produce a purple dye used for dying fabric.

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A white horse with a long horn with magical powers: this is the unicorn. It is the symbol of nobility, purity, strength and courage.

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A celebration of the colours and the history of Sicily, a collection of exclusive accessories by the Palermo-based designer Sergio Daricello, who interprets the traditions and the varied aspects of the Mediterranean in a contemporary key.

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The waves embrace the blue of the sky among the sun that caresses the suburb and the wind that disarranges the thoughts. I chose to wear my emotions, I chose all that I want to bring with me.
Here my trip begins.

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It keeps your desires, it tells your dreams,
it remembers yourself who you are
It is your new bracelet.
It is your Island.



explore the new Isola Bella Gioielli’s jewelry

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Isola Bella Gioielli tells the story of the Mediterranean with an exclusive collection of jewels.
Each creation is a small work of art Made in Italy: every jewel is made of Sterling Silver 925, designed, worked and glazed by the skilled hands of our craftsmen.

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