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Colors, sinuous shapes and sparkling plays, contrast… Nature’s beauties inspired our artesans.
Uniques and different creations, to feel unique who wears them.
Enamels Line – colorful – to inspire those who want bright.
Nude Line – colorless but always precious – dedicated to those searching for elegance in the simplicity.

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The value of time, the importance of memories and special
moments: a collection dedicated to him and her, to enjoy
the beauty of every moment. Discover the watches.

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It is the wind that blows and discovers the soul, it is the sculpture that reveals its shape, it is the colour
which leaves room for the beauty of the design. A collection that is a return to the essence and origin of things,
an exaltation of simplicity and art as an act of creation. A piece of jewellery to wear to become naked: it is Nude.

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explore the new Isola Bella Gioielli’s jewelry

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Isola Bella Gioielli tells the story of the Mediterranean with an exclusive collection of jewels.
Each creation is a small work of art Made in Italy: every jewel is made of Sterling Silver 925, designed, worked and glazed by the skilled hands of our craftsmen.

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