A jewel that tells
a story

Discover the world of Isola Bella Gioielli

A story of love and patience, care and precision, tradition and innovation.
An exclusive jewelry line that was born in Sicily in 2013, in which creativity reinterprets the contradictions of the most beautiful island in the Bel Paese, in a journey to discover ever new nuances.

A story born in Sicily: the story of your jewel.

divisore riccio rosa
chi siamo
riccio destro rosa

Sicily is a Jewel, always carry it with you.

In a magical place our story originates.

It was born on an Island where the scent of orange blossom mingles with jasmine, where the blue of the waves embraces the blue of the sky, a land where tales of noble deeds and ancient legends are woven together.

Attention to every little detail

Culture, design and craftsmanship. Each creation is a small Made in Sicily work of art: all jewelry, made of 925 Sterling silver is designed, created and enameled by the skilled hands of our artisans.

The creative process begins with design.

divisore riccio rosa

"The tract follows the memory, the gaze is fascinated by colors, inspiration comes from scents, from the memories and from the history of a country and its wonders."

argurio giuseppe


A dream suspended in time

Unique and precious, Isola Bella jewelry is made by goldsmith artisans, bringing together ancient manufacturing techniques and new technologies.

Constantly new creations come up in original lines and collections for sale in more than 240 stores and jewelry stores throughout Italy.

riccio sinistro rosa
gioielli artigianali

Research and Passion

A story designed with passion by artisans who transform beauty through hands that shape and paint.

divisore riccio rosa

“Sicily is a Jewel, always carry it with you.”

alessio strano


riccio destra rosa

Mediterranean to wear

Isola Bella tells the story of the Mediterranean: the beauty of colors, fruits and landscapes is turned into art, into a jewel dedicated to that piece of the world that, once visited, remains in the eyes and heart.


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divisore riccio rosa