Unique and precious, Isola Bella jewelry is made by artisan goldsmiths
combining ancient techniques and new technology.

New creations alternates in original collections inspired to the colors and the traditions of the Mediterranean, on sale in more than 140 shops and jewelries in Italy.

A story made up of memory and patience, of care and precision,
of research and of passion.


The line follows the memory, the look is spellbound from the colors, inspiration comes from perfumes, from memories and from the history of a country and its wonders.

Isola Bella Gioielli tells the Mediterranean with an exclusive collection of jewels that is born in Sicily: a history born in the 2013 and made of passion and enthusiasm, in which creativeness always interprets the tradition discovering new tones.

History designed with the passion of artisans
who transform the beauty of hands that model and paint.


Culture, design and craftsmanship.

Each creation is a work of art Made in Italy: each jewel of Isola Bella is made in 925 sterling silver and designed, worked and enameled by hand of our wise craftsmen.

The creative process starts from the designing and leads to the packaging: a history born in Sicily and that – through the fancy of unique pieces to be worn – brings the  charm of Mediterranean all over the world.

It’s the story of your piece of jewelry.