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Exclusive collections for tales of love and beauty rooted in Myth, history and Nature.

Thus are born jewelry full of light, enveloped in a magical, mysterious and timeless charm. The creations are made of 925 gold-plated silver and hand-enameled, embellished with precious and semiprecious stones. Precious jewelry, a unique expression of joyful, rare and timeless beauty.


A tribute to the Aeolian archipelago with its Vulcano. A parure that is an explosion of light and warmth.

A first for Isola Bella Gioielli, one in which gold is purged of enamel to enhance its strength.


A line of jewellery dedicated to Aurora, a species of butterfly endemic to the Etnean territory and representing its biodiversity. A butterfly in golden hues with orange spots that recall the sunrise.


A collection dedicated to the oldest and most mundane of the Aeolian Islands.
Corals that evoke summer and the beautiful seasons of life.

Panarea Nude

An ode to the most dynamic island in the Aeolian archipelago.
The collection well represents the dualism of Panarea: the light of a hot summer day, giving way to a night to be experienced.

Fonte Aretusa

Cubic zirconia, amber-red siamite stone to represent the love of the Nymph Arethusa, and deep blue drops to recall the element that united the two protagonists of the legend.

Everything seems to dance among the elements that make up this overwhelming beauty union of "myth" and tradition.

Fiori di Zagara

White and delicate, a flower that smells of citrus. The name comes from the Arabic Zahara "spend" and Zahr "flower",to emphasize the snow-white color of what are also known as orange blossoms.

Giardino Segreto

A collection of jewelry in whichhand-enameled flowers rest on rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets to be worn with personality, dedicated to those who love to find themselves mixing styles and suggestions, to be reborn every day celebrating the beauty of always being different, with wonder and imagination.

Isola Vulcanica

A line of jewelry that tells of lightness, creativity, emotions, and the mystery of existence through the wonder of a pristine landscape.

The creations are enriched with the beautiful shades of Siamite®, a special glass-ceramic dwarf with unique characteristics that make it similar to natural gemstones.

Fondo Marino

Amidst starfish, seahorses, sponges, and urchins, everything is an alternation of light and color between blue Agate stones and shiny Cubic Zirconia.

Fondo Marino Nude

A plunge into the abyss. Where light cannot penetrate, sea creatures become jewels dancing sinuously between Cubic Zirconia and azure turquoise paste stones.


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