bracciali cordino

Isola Bella’s bracelets, in gold or rhodium plated 925 sterling silver, leather and fabric, tell your tale with original symbols and colors.

Enamel, pavè and gems are combined in a collection that’s dedicated to men and women who love to wear handcrafted creations, born out of the imagination, research and passion of master goldsmiths.

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A jewel that expresses all the skill of our artisans.
A creation rich in details, with an incredible technical and artistic finish.

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Ice cream cone

- 25%

Ice cream is one of the most well known foods all over the world. Its origins date back to ancient times when fruit, milk and honey where cooled to make them last longer. It was an Italian who made the first experiments but it became famous when it was introduced in France.

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Soft like the flowers that represent, the Jasmine bracelet is dedicated to whoever loves to cloth up his wrist with simplicity and elegance, without renown to color and preciousness.

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Black dreams


How many colours merge in dreams? Shades of emotion crystallise into small nuggets, like special instances to collect on a unique bracelet.

Rolò small cm 18


An elegant bracelet, a chain of small elements, perfect as a base for your favorite charms. The clasp is a practical personalized Isola Bella Gioielli hook that recalls the style of the brand.

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Bangle S


An original textured bangle in silvery shades, ideal for collecting your favourite charms on.

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