ISLAND BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY, with LAD children a prize workshop

A special day at Wonderlad, LAD’s embrace house, to celebrate the conclusion of the first Jewelry Design workshop sponsored by Isola Bella Gioielli and dedicated to children and adolescents suffering from oncological diseases.

A play-creative activity that has garnered wide participation and great success over the course of this year: starting last September, every Friday afternoon, children gathered to play with paper, paints and tools of the trade to make a real piece of jewelry, under the knowledgeable and passionate guidance of Giuseppe Argurio – who handles the creative concept and production of the collections for Isola Bella Gioielli – and the special collaboration of designer Rossella Margaglio.

From the little hands of the little artists in recent months have come small masterpieces of beauty and imagination, hence the idea of a small internal contest to reward the efforts of the little participants. Sarah, Serena, Francis, Daniel, Andrea, Emma and Laura presented their special creations to the jury; among pendants inspired by Ferrari and cartoons, cute animals, precious stones and small stars resting on rings, one pendant won everyone over: the Heart of LAD, created by Laura, a necklace with a pendant in which two hands hold a heart bearing the association’s name.

The winning piece of jewelry will soon become part of the Isola Bella Gioielli collection: it will be a product of the made-in-Sicily jewelry brand and-along with the solidarity charm L’Albero dei Desideri, which echoes the colors and symbol of LAD-will become the second solidarity piece of jewelry in the catalog. Part of the proceeds from the sales of the solidarity jewelry will help fund the projects of LAD, with which Isola Bella Gioielli has now had a partnership for several years.

Awarding prizes to the young artists Councillor Barbara Mirabella, along with Giuseppe Argurio, Rossella Margaglio, Emilio Randazzo and Luisa De Grandi: for all of them a small cadeaux Isola Bella Gioielli, for Daniel also a mention to the most original jewelry, for Sarah a special mention for great patience and dedication, for Laura – designer of the most voted jewelry – a watch from the brand’s new collection: to mark time until the next workshop!