Isola Bella collections for “The lion’s rock.”

An all-Sicilian story, a coming-of-age tale in which the love of the land, the desire to escape and the dream of returning to one’s origins are intertwined. “The lion’s rock.”– produced by Scandura production with direction and screenplay by Rosario Scandura – tells the story of Saro, who transforms from a child into a young adult and faces themes such as attachment to family and one’s roots, the desire to fight to defend heartland places from malfeasance and crime, such as construction abuse and illegal fishing.

Shot on the Ionian coast, between the seaside village of Santa Maria La Scala and Acireale, the film shows wonderful views of the island, composing a faithful portrait of Sicily.
Also functional to the story is the choice of costumes: jewelry includes exclusive Isola Bella creations, such as the iconic wheel earrings.

A collaboration aimed at enhancing Sicilian art and culture and raising awareness of issues such as respect for the environment, which is why the film received the Hot Corn Green award at the last Rome Film Festival.

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