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Emily in Paris as seen by Isola Bella Jewels

“I’m not a fashionista, while shopping I don’t look at brands but follow inspiration: when I create a character’s style, it is essential that his outfit tells his personality from his first appearance on screen.”

Marylin Fitoussi for Vanity Fair

The words of Marylin Fitoussi, costume designer of the current cult TV series, Emily in Paris , in the Vanity Fair article. And indeed, Fitoussi, along with Patricia Field, famous for her costumes in Sex and the City and the subsequent reboot And Just Like That, unveil the series’ main character and her evolutions, right through the outfits.

The Emily who appears in the third season expresses a newfound confidence through fashion, the true star of the series.

Eccentric colors, mix and match between haute couture garments and fast fashion items, still hold sway, but the ‘American seems to have acquired a certain French charm in this third season.


What would we at Isola Bella Gioielli have to do with the Netflix series of the moment?

We always say it and we love to repeat it: the inspiration Emily’s costume designer talks about is the very inspiration that has always guided us in the creation of our jewelry. With colors, and sometimes bold shapes, our handcrafted products want to tell a story, the story of the wearer.

But there is more.

While it is true that Fitoussi does not like to call herself a fashionista, it is undeniable that there are many outfits worn by the leading lady that recall high fashion and current trends.

A scene from the third season of Emily in Paris

Such is the case with the animal dress worn by Emily, by Dolce & Gabbana (a Sicilian brand like us, we like to remember!).

In this case, self-referentialism is a must. The combination of gold and animal patterns makes our collection sophisticated and up-to-date, just like Emily pictured above.

But it doesn’t end there yet…

A scene from the third season of Emily in Paris

In the third season, Emily’s old berets give way to scarves in her hair, adaptable even in the colder seasons.

Climate aside, don’t you also notice a certain similarity with this campaign related to Isola Bella accessories?

Last but not least, Emily’s rings!

A scene from the third season of Emily in Paris

At the exact moment she kisses her Alfie inside one of the cabins of the Parisian Ferris wheel, the viewer’s gaze inevitably ends up on her jewelry.

What do his rings tell us?

That those banded ones, in different sizes and colors, to wear together, are a must have of the season and we know it well!

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Our indication then, is to wear in the other hand a ring from the special collection Gloriae, very similar to the one worn by the protagonist of the series in the scene we just showed you!

Discover the Gloriae Collection

What is still missing?

Well, just your Alfie, but for that, you’ll have to manage without us….

A scene from the third season of Emily in Paris

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