Sicily is prosperity

The vibrant colors and symbols of the Sicilian tradition meet the typical flavors and scents of our land: this is how Jewels of Taste born, a special selection of food and wine created by Isola Bella Gioielli in collaboration with artisan realities of excellence.

A project with the aim to make network and support the local economy by promoting the territory and its producers, in order to bring the joyful wealth of Sicily and its typicality to the world.

The journey into taste starts here.


Let’s donate a taste experience: a selection of excellence dedicated to those who love the sweetness and contrasts of the Sicilian tradition.

Sparkling Wine Brut Etnadoc


The classic method sparkling wine of the Vincenzo Trigona Winery is made from Nerello Mascalese grapes, native wine variety of Mount Etna. The grapes of Nerello, grown on the volcano at about 800 meters above sea level, give to this sparkling wine a strong acidity and minerality. In the flûte is possible to see a very fine intense perlage. The exclusive bottle – the ideal bottle for your parties table – is dressed with a special label Isola Bella Gioielli.

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The bitter Amaravigghia is a digestive for the end of the meal obtained from the infusion of the citron Mani di Buddha, bittersweet taste given by the essences of red orange in combination with the wild herbs that grow in the shade of the North side of Etna.
An exclusive bottle born from the collaboration with Isola Bella Gioielli that becomes a perfect gift for the parties table.

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The scent of Sicilian nature in a trio of creams dedicated to those who love citrus fruits: orange, tangerine and lemon grown on the slopes of the volcano Etna. Ideal to be also combined with mature cheeses, as well as with desserts. Citrus fruits creams are prepared with the juice of fresh fruit and peel in order to give the perfect aroma, then cooked at low temperature – without added milk or fat – until creamy and velvety texture is reached. A wonderful box to donate for a journey into the taste of the Mediterranean.

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A delicious trio of spreadable creams for those who love the enveloping taste of Sicily: pistachio cream, Sicilian chocolate cream – extra dark, with raw muscovado sugar and a pinch of cinnamon, and almond cream with bits of Sicilian almonds. The box is dedicated to those who do not renounce to gluttony sins.



All the best of traditional Sicilian production in a box to donate to those who love the island and its flavors: almond paste, pistachio paste, pieces of crispy nougat of Sant’Agata and almond and pistachio soft nougat, crispy almond and pistachio pastries to serve at the table with taste! Dedicated to Sicily addicted around the world.