Jewels of Taste: the festive table of Isola Bella Gioielli

Isola Bella Gioielli gets ready for Christmas with a food collection inspired by the colors and flavors of Sicily: Jewels of Taste. This is how a line of products born as the maximum expression of traditional festive sweets, interpreted in an island key. A collection to taste that brings together under a single brand the best raw materials of the Sicilian territory, from citrus fruits to pistachio, and small businesses of local producers, with the aim of networking and promoting the territory and the local economy.

Fratelli Sicilia, Amaravigghia and Vincenzo Trigona Farm Industry are the first partners of Isola Bella Gioielli: the message is to always welcome new ideas and entrepreneurs who share the love for Sicily and for excellence.

“Combining the skills of local producers to generate something unique that helps to raise awareness of the wealth of Sicilian food and wine – this is how Alessio Strano, founder and manager of Isola Bella Gioielli, explains the inspiration behind the initiative of a new collection to be tasted – In this project, the local activities team up to show the beauty of an island that has a vast architectural, cultural and food heritage, a professional networking that triggers a healthy circular economy and places products from the deeply Sicilian essence on the market.”

Among the first Jewels of Taste two panettone, a bitter, two sets of spreads and a box of small Sicilian goodness. To create the line, the recovery of gestures and genuine ingredients: the slow leavening of at least 48 hours, the use of sourdough freshened daily, the use of egg yolks from hens raised on the ground, the pure butter obtained by the centrifugation of the white cream

Isola Bella Gioielli’s classic panettone has the sunny soul of handmade candied fruit: orange, lemon and citron from short chain and essential oils of orange blossom produced by a single family company that cultivates and transforms citrus fruits in the Plain of Catania; the traditional recipe of panettone is embellished by the addition of semi-candied by prickly pear, a central element of the volcano landscape that becomes a protagonist to be enjoyed even inside the dough, enhancing the use of a natural food ingredient. A small masterpiece of pastry mastery that is completed by the combination with the Amaravigghia bitter, am end-meal digestive originated by the infusion of citrus peel in combination with the 5 wild herbs that grow in the shade of the North Face of Etna, available-as well as in the box combined with panettone-also in single pack.

The second baked dough, the pistachio and chocolate Panettone, contains all the intensity of the green gold of Sicily: dough with pistachio of Sicily, garnished with pistachio white chocolate nuggets, covered with fine extra dark chocolate and decorated with whole golden pistachio dragées in the end. A triumph of the table matched by a delicious cream spread with pistachio 40% which deepens the tasting experience and makes it complete.

In the panettone boxes, in addition to the special gastronomic combinations, also an exclusive gift created by Isola Bella Gioielli: a printed scarf with Sicilian decorations to wear.

To complete the selection proposed by Isola Bella Gioielli: the box of small crunchy delights – an assortment of almond and pistachio paste, pieces of almond and pistachio nougat of S. Agata, crispy almond and pistachio-and two sets of Sicilian creams: the creams spread with pistachio, almond and chocolate, and the enveloping citrus creams taste lemon, tangerine and orange, as well as the Brut Etna DOC with a special label that celebrates the style of the brand made in Sicily.

For all the details, a page dedicated to Jewels of Taste is available.