Secret garden: spring collection blooms!

It is time for spring, the air becomes fragrant and the landscape reveals its most beautiful colors. Isola Bella celebrates the beautiful season with Secret Garden, a special Spring Collection dedicated to Mediterranean flowers.

A journey into romantic and bursting nature-among plays of light creeping through the leaves and garish petals caressed by the sun-that is also a journey in search of the self, among the most intimate paths and desires that blossom between innocence and passion, like buds opening to life.

A jewelry collection in which hand-enameled flowers rest on rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets to be worn with personality, mixing styles and suggestions. An inspiration that comes from the beauty of the Island but also from the charm of the women, all unique in their diversity.

Sunflowers and peach blossoms, daisies and caper blossoms, and exclusive bouquets, as well as bees and dragonflies to mix and match for a sophisticated look suitable for all ages.

Immerse yourself in the fantastic atmosphere of Secret Garden with the video shot in the greenery of Donna Carmela Boutique Resort and the collection.